Watercolour DIY Paint Kits

Watercolour DIY Paint Kits

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Our original design DIY Watercolour Paint Kits are an awesome gift idea for hikers, artists, painters, party goers, and nature lovers alike! These fun and innovative gift sets come ready to use... simply wet the paintbrush of your choice, dip it into one of the watercolour paints on the strips included in the kit, and get ready to paint your very own little masterpiece!

Each of these (5) handmade gift sets include:

5- Blank Watercolour Sheets of 140 lb. cold press paper/ approx. 4.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches long

1- High quality round Watercolour Artist Brush

2- of our Original Design Watercolour Paint Travel Strips

* The simple nature of our fun and convenient watercolour paint strips allow for an easy to carry along, no mess approach to painting in the great outdoors. They are individually packaged and ready to take along with you to even the most remote locations!