About Us...

Hello and welcome to The Nature Walk!

I'm Juanita... an artist, a wife to my handy man, as well as a mama to four free-spirited adventurers ages 2-19 yrs. I'm also the owner/designer/maker at The Nature Walk.

We are a creative, diy loving, PNW unschooling family. Together, we recently took an enormous leap and relocated nearly 3,000 miles away from our cozy little home on the Oregon Coast to buy a lovely 100+ year old farmhouse, in a small town, in the middle of the Georgia countryside, about an hour south of Atlanta.

With just shy of an acre of land and this amazing old house to work with we are daily making our dreams of designing, building, creating and running our own sustainable, mini permaculture farm a reality as we continue to grow our little handcrafted family business along the way.

We are passionate about loving others while helping to create and foster a healthy sense of community full of art and music, encouragement and inspiration along with fresh new opportunities for ourselves and others where ever we go! Because it's never too late to make a lasting change for future generations to come!

Whether it's interest in our hand crafted gifts, organic gardening ideas, diy projects, or simply our daily adventures that have landed you here on our page... we hope you'll join us on our handmade journey and continue to find inspiration here throughout the seasons to come!

In the meantime, be sure to come join us over @ Instagram as well.

Thanks a bunch! x juanita